The Players

chris wyckoff - keyboardsChris Wyckoff has been playing keyboards in rock, funk and blues since 1988 in bands based in New Orleans, New York City and Vermont. In New Orleans Chris played in The Blues Vipers which featured Russell Batiste of The Funky Meters on drums. In New York Chris played and recorded with both Stone Cold and Native whose album featured Buddy Cage of the New Riders on pedal steel. Here in Vermont Chris was a member of Panton Flats and worked with Mike Gordon of Phish in 2011 on the Irene flood relief album Steamroller Wheelies.

jeff margolis - bassJeff Margolis’ musical career has seen him play bass in several Vermont bands, spanning a variety of genres.  He has played world beat music with Jay Ekis, Celtic rock with Prydein, and eccentric pop with Mailbox.   From  2007 – 2015, Jeff led 80s New Wave band, Hot Neon Magic.

justin perdue - giuitaristJustin Perdue has played guitar in VT jazz & funk bands including the So-Called Jazz Sextet and Savant Gourde – he currently plays with the latin/jazz/funk group Mogani and leads the Justin Perdue Group.

terry-simpkins-tnTerry Simpkins is a former church organist and accomplished ragtime pianist.   In the 90s, Terry picked up the sticks for Philly-based punk/funk band EDO and has evolved his playing to reflect his love for jazz and funk.

funky boogaloo soul jazz from Vermont